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Why we do what we do
Since I was a young boy, I have been obsessed with the physics of sound.  I remember jammin' on my little Ludwig drum kit and pretending to practice with my father's band in a shed we called "the little house".  I remember spray-painting old egg cartons black and attaching them to the interior walls to deaden the sound.  Later in a college physics course, I learned I was effectively altering the surface area on which certain frequencies respond in their unique way. 


Thirty years later, the advances in sound processing technology have completely changed the way we produce live musical events.  We, the self-proclaimed sound geeks at Lowcountry Sound & Stage, find that fascinating, humbling, and even exciting. 


I am proud to bring a professional attitude to our clients.  Our staff includes only those with 10 years of experience or more.  At Lowcountry Sound & Stage, we are constantly improving our ability to produce events in the most efficient, economical and effective way to the paying customer.  And I believe, that is simply what it's all about.



Chris Moon

Owner / Engineer

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